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10 Questions About Unico AC Systems

Tired of dealing with the mid-summer heat? Thinking about having a Unico air conditioning installed? We understand that you may have some questions about the system as well as the process, so we’ve put together a list of the top ten questions asked:

  1. Does the system make a whistling noise? No. You only hear the noise of forced air. Does the unit itself make a rumbling noise? Even light sleepers can say the system doesn’t rumble.

  2. Where does the ductwork go? The unit can be tucked into a corner, put in a basement or placed in the attic so it is out of the way. The bulk of the ductwork also stays in the attic.

  3. Is there a unit that sits outside? Yes, there is an outside unit connected to an inside unit by refrigerant lines.

  4. Do you have to tear up the house to put one in? 97% of installations and repaired will be done in one day. There are very little carpenter modifications required.

  5. How long does the installation take? 97% of installations take one day.

  6. Are there color options other than white? Yes, there are hardwood options and plastic pieces can be painted to match any surface.

  7. How is the temperature controlled? A traditional thermostat.

  8. Now that I have ductwork can I add a humidifier? You can, but it can be problematic and we don’t recommend it.

  9. What do homeowners have to do to prepare for installation? The only thing you need to do is empty out your closets and clear a tiny bit of room in the attic.

  10. Can you zone a Unico system? Typically, with high velocity systems you cannot zone the ductwork separately so the whole system will be controlled by one thermostat.

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