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3 Home Improvement Habits That Are Killing Your House

You consider yourself handy so taking care of projects around the house
from time to time is no problem, right? Lots of do-it-yourselfers can
tackle odd jobs on their own, without pay for professional service and
trust us, we’re all for saving a few dollars here and there. But
the three home improvement habits below just might be killing your home,
whether you realize it or not.

  1. Brighter isn’t always better. When it comes to dark dreary rooms
    of the home, homeowners often try to compensate for the lack of natural
    light by screwing in brighter bulbs. This is a MAJOR problem for several
    reasons. A bulb with higher wattage than the fixture can handle can cause
    the fixture or the wires to overheat which could potentially lead to a fire.

  2. Don’t over insulate. You might have heard that adding layers of insulation
    to your attic can help keep energy bills down. While this is true, a little
    bit goes a long way. While a layer of cellulose or fiberglass insulation
    can help keep the house cooler during the summer months, be careful not
    to block off any soffit vents which could lead to a decrease in air circulation.

  3. Take it easy on the sink. You’d hate for that new farm sink you just
    bought to get all scratched up, right? Avoid using abrasive cleaners to
    scrub through grease and dirt. Liquid cleaners or a mixture of vinegar
    and lemon juice will do the trick without wearing away at the finish.

Keep these three bad habits in mind the next time you decide to do a little
“home improvement”. And when you need plumbing or air conditioning
repair, replacement or maintenance this season be sure to give the experts at
Uptown a call!

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