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3 Quick Ways to Tell If Your Home Has a Leak

Drip. Drip. Drip. Sometimes it’s that easy to spot a leak inside your home, but other times they can go for months without being noticed. The costs? Water damage to walls or ceilings, flooding or worse. So see below to find out how you can tell if your home has a leak:

  1. Look for water spots on ceilings, floors and walls. Oftentimes, leaks cause warping, discoloration and stains on drywall and wood. Keep in mind that water can travel along pipes and down wood framing so the origin of the leak may not be where the water damage is.

  2. Turn off all the water inside your home and then check your water meter. Wait an hour or so and then go back to check the meter once again. If it has changed, chances are you have a leak somewhere inside or outside of your home.

  3. The leak might be underground. Look and feel for portions of your property that are always wet. If you haven’t rain in a couple of days and the driveway, lawn or walkway are wet or contain dark spots, you may have an underground leak.

If you have a leaking pipe or are in need of a repipe solution in Twin Cities-St Paul, you can rely on the fast repairs and expert re-pipe solutions from Uptown Plumbing. With the use of diagnostic leak detection and repair equipment we can locate your leak quickly and accurately and perform your repair fast.

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