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3 Reasons Your Heat Isn’t Turning On

If you wake up one morning to a freezing cold house, your life could come
to a screeching halt. There’s no good time for your furnace to stop
working and the middle of winter is no exception. Luckily for you though,
there are a few common reasons why your heat isn’t turning on. See
below to find out if there’s a quick fix:

  1. The thermostat is not on the proper setting. Check to make sure it’s
    actually set to “heat” rather than “cool” or “off.”
    If it’s already set to “heat” but nothing is coming
    from the vents, raise the temperature a few degrees. If the thermostat
    is showing no signs of life at all, it could be time to replace the batteries
    or it could mean that a fuse has blown.

  2. The pilot light went out. If you have a natural gas or propane central
    heating system, there is an electronic igniter or pilot light that is
    used to ignite the burners. Sometimes the pilot light can go out and needs
    to be relit in order for the system to produce heat.

  3. The blower motor needs a new belt. In some heating systems, the blower
    motor requires a belt in order to operate. If the belt has cracked, frayed
    or lost its tension it needs to be replaced. This is a job for professionals
    and should not be attempted by anyone without experience.

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