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4 Fast Home Improvement Fixes for Winter

Are you using the downtime you have this winter to make some home improvements? Don’t let the next few weeks pass you by, it’s time to get your home in tip-top shape. And best of all, if you start doing a bit of maintenance now you’ll have a much shorter to-do list come spring.

  1. Turning the air conditioner on during the winter is absurd, right? Wrong. Even if you just turn it on for a few minutes every other month, it will help keep the internal parts lubricated. You’ll be thankful when you don’t need to call in an air conditioner repair person when the cooling season arrives once again.

  2. Get a new TV as a holiday gift? Lots of models come preset with factory settings that could be draining energy. Make sure the ultra-bright “demo” mode is switched off to help save on energy bills this season.

  3. Twin Cities – St. Paul is known to receive massive amounts of snowfall during the winter. Help your evergreens weather the storm and make it through to spring by using a broom to dust off branches.

  4. Check for air leaks. Not only can leaky ducts and drafty windows help you save during the warmer months, they can really make a negative impact on your heating bills during the winter. You can find air leaks by lighting a candle or a match and holding it next to windows, doors and ducts. If the flame blows around or changes direction rapidly, you may have a leak.

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