4 Home Heating Tips for Your Holiday Party

Cups? Check. Plates? Check. Food? Check. You’re getting ready to host a holiday party to send 2016 off and welcome in the New Year. You’ve got just about everything you need to make this holiday party one to remember, but before your guests arrive there are a few more things to take care of. This time, we’re not referring to food and drinks.

In the Twin Cities we know that the holiday season brings lots of joy, but it also brings frigid temperatures. Make sure you and yours aren’t left out in the cold this year by following these holiday home heating tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: schedule a routine maintenance visit so an expert technician can make sure your system will perform like it’s supposed to all season long. You’d hate for your furnace to break down right before the party begins.

  2. Clean The Filter: the number one cause of system malfunctions is a dirty filter. Take a few minutes today to clean or replace it and then you won’t have to worry about it until next month.

  3. Turn Down The Thermostat: there’s no reason to keep the heat pumping during the party. A room full of guests will heat up naturally, plus you’ll likely have the stove and oven going which can warm up the kitchen and surrounding rooms.

  4. Serve Warm Foods And Drinks: you may want to skip the cold antipasto platter this time of year and dish out warm meatballs or dips instead. We also recommend serving warm cocktails like spiked cider instead of drinks that require ice. These delicious items will warm your guests up both inside and out.

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