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5 Easy Ways to Add Storage Where You Need It Most

Now that the snow is tapering off and we’re looking at warmer temperatures
toward the end of the week, it’s time to tackle those projects you’ve
been putting off all winter. This weekend, you can start by adding storage
solutions throughout the house. Grab your tool belt, grab a helper and
let’s get to work!

Multi-Functioning Bed

In the old days, a bed was strictly for sleeping. But times have changed
and now you can use it as a storage solution as well. Create 2-3 cubbies
that span the length of the bed and place them on either side underneath
your bed’s platform frame.

Bring Back The Coat Rack

Running out of space in the closet? Hate seeing coats hanging on the back
of chairs or sprawled out on the couch? A coat rack is the perfect solution
for you. Keep hats, coats and scarves out of the way so you have more
room for activities.

Cocktail Hutch

Why battle for space in the kitchen when you can build a tall slender cocktail
hutch in the living- or dining room instead? Add a place to hang glasses
at the top, a shelf for liquor bottles in the middle and a an area to
store wine bottles at the bottom. After your long weekend building, this
may be the first thing you put to use.

Retire The Canvas Laundry Sack

There’s no reason to keep using that old laundry bag. With a few
pieces of wood, you can create a modern-looking hamper in the bathroom.

Repurpose Old Door Knobs

Looking for a new place to keep bath towels? Why not keep them right in
the bathroom itself? You can build a towel rack using old door knobs as
the hooks – this way you can keep the vanity clear and free up space in
the closet.

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