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6 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Whether you’re trying to cut down on energy costs this summer, or looking to reduce your carbon footprint, these 6 simple tips will help you use less energy while still staying cool in these hot summer months.

Draw the Blinds

Direct sun exposure is one of the main reasons for rising thermostats, especially in rooms with West and South facing windows. Combat this heat by closing the blinds while the sun is up. You can always raise them once the sun has set to get rid of any remaining indoor heat.

Plant Trees Strategically

Limit sun exposure by planting large, shady trees over your outdoor air conditioning unit, patio and large windows. Now you can cool down your home in an environmentally friendly way, while enjoying more privacy and beauty.

Run the Ceiling Fan and Air Conditioner Together

When the first big heat wave of the summer hits, everyone’s first instinct is to run and lower the thermostat. Instead, running your ceiling fan while the air is on will help disperse cold air throughout the entire room, making it feel several degrees colder than it actually is.

Clean You’re A/C’s Air Filter Every Month  

Using your cooling system daily? Clean the air filter every four weeks or so. Clogged and dusty air filters cause your unit to work harder than it really needs to, using up tons of unnecessary energy.

Change Your Thermostat Throughout the Day

Instead of keeping your house at a constant 70 degrees, keep a bit warmer than you normally would – especially while everyone is away. You can go ahead and lower the thermostat again when people are home. A programmable thermostat is an easy and cost effective way to keep a comfortable home.

Hang Your Laundry Outside

Your dryer is one of the most expensive appliances in the house and it can quickly heat up any small living space. Take advantage of the summer heat by hanging your clothes up outside, where they will dry with no cost to you or the environment.

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