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7 Outdoor Water Conservation Tips for Summer

It’s getting hot outside and that means it’s time to save water.
When it comes to conserving, a few small adjustments can have a major
impact on our environment. See below for a few to get you started this
summer and make sure you keep up with them all season long!

  1. Use a nozzle on your garden hose. It can help you save up to 100 gallons
    every time you wash your car or water your flowers.

  2. See a broken pipe or leaky fire hydrant? Report it to your local water
    provider right away.

  3. Know where your main water shutoff valve is located in case of a leaky
    hose, outdoor sink, or pipe. Not only can it help save water, it can prevent
    water damage to your home or property.

  4. Pet need a bath? Wash them outside in an area of your lawn that needs watering.

  5. Cleaning out a fish tank? Give the water to your non-edible plants. The
    nutrients in the water can help your plants stay healthy.

  6. Dirty patio or driveway? Don’t use the hose to wash it off, use a
    broom instead.

  7. Have a water softener in your home? Set it for a minimum number of refills
    to save water, chemicals and energy.

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