Are Bathroom Exhaust Fans Necessary?

Wondering whether or not you should have an exhaust fan installed in your
new or existing bathroom? For starters, it’s required in most building
codes today (especially if there aren’t any windows), but beyond
that, it sure is a good idea. See below to find out why you should seriously
consider a bathroom fan, even if it isn’t required in your area:

What Do Bathroom Fans Do?

Most people turn a bathroom fan on in order to remove foul odors or musty
smells from the room. While an exhaust fan can certainly help do that,
they serve a much more vast purpose. Exhaust fans work to remove warm,
moist air that is generally created as a result of using the bathtub or shower.

Is Warm, Moist Air Bad For Bathrooms?

The simple answer — yes. Warm, moist air encourages the growth of
mold and mildew, both of which can be harmful if ingested. This is why
you might notice black spots in the shower pan or tub, along caulk lines
inside the shower, on grout between tiles and even on the walls or ceilings.
Those black spots usually aren’t just dirt or soap scum, it’s
usually much more harmful than that!

Aside from fostering mold growth, the humid air bathrooms are often subjected
to can damage walls, ceilings, floors and even plumbing fixtures. After
all, paint, wood and chrome, copper, satin or nickel plumbing finishes
weren’t specifically designed to withstand high moisture.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Options

Just like most other pieces of hvac equipment in your home, size does matter.
Bathroom fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, along with a number
of other features that set them apart from one another and it’s
vital to pay close attention to what you’re purchasing. Make sure
the fan you intend to buy is sufficient for the size of the bathroom it’s
going to be located in. It’s also important to note the sound rating.
Generally speaking, a sound rating of 1.0 or less is preferred because
you don’t necessarily want to hear the fan buzzing while it’s
in use — it can be quite distracting!

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