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Are Expensive Faucets Really Worth It?

Sooner or later, an annoying, insignificant drip becomes a significant
leak that can damage your sink, cabinet and even the floor. Every homeowner
is then faced with the necessity of replacing a kitchen or bathroom faucet.
Considering the daily use of these fixtures, selecting the one that meets
all your criteria is essential. See below to find out whether or not it’s
really worth spending some extra cash:

What You Need To Consider

The style, the finish, the durability and the price are factors to be considered
carefully when choosing your replacement fixture.

Cheaper models tend to have less precise temperature adjustments which
could cause some problems, especially if you have young children. The
finishes on less expensive faucets are generally weaker and tend to wear
much faster.

But that’s not all… it’s also important to consider
style and functionality. Sure a single handle faucet may be a bit cheaper
— they tend to be easier to install and take up less space, but
they’re going to lack some of the bells and whistles more expensive
faucets bring to the table.

Get Help From The Experts

Hero Plumbing experts are dedicated to protecting your investment, working
with their customers to insure their knowledge and understanding of the
products they are purchasing. They have been providing dependable, trustworthy
service for over 100 years to homeowners and renters looking for help
in choosing the right faucets for their kitchens and baths.

Consider The Benefits Of An Upgrade

Top quality fixtures that will last longer, be low-maintenance and continue
to provide lifelong style are important. We can help compare models, furnish
information on the advantages of the many available finishes and answer
all your questions on quality and reliability. Our team of technicians
can help you see the benefits of considering an upgraded faucet that might
be more expensive but will save you money and some major headaches in
the future.

Still have questions about whether or not you want to shell out the cash
for an expensive faucet? That’s where we come in! Feel free to contact
the friendly staff at
Hero Plumbing today and we’ll run through some options with you!

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