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Are You Making These Rookie Plumbing Mistakes?

There are tons of plumbing projects most homeowners can do themselves. But when it comes to DIY projects there are lots of mistakes that rookies commonly make. See below to find out how to avoid these mistakes and complete most simple projects with ease.

  1. Teeth Marks on Fixtures: ever notice teeth marks from a pair of pliers on your plumbing fixtures? The teeth can take the finish right off if you’re not careful. While some rookies wrap a towel around the fixture first, the better solution is to use a strap wrench.

  2. Teeth Marks on Old Pipes: using a pipe wrench on old pipes? It’s common for homeowners to cause the pipe to deform by applying too much pressure. You’ll want to make sure the wrench contacts the pipe in three places rather two to distribute it more evenly. Not only should the bottom jaw and top make contact, but the back of the wrench should as well.

  3. Choosing Nails and Screws: ever nail down or screw in a plumbing fitting only to realize the nail or screw was entirely too long? You probably noticed when they went poking through the floor or the ceiling above. It’s vital to understand the size of the nail or screw you need before setting it in place.

Be sure to use caution whenever you’re performing a plumbing task at home. For more complicated projects, be sure to call in the expert plumbers at Uptown. We’ve been serving the Twin Cities for over 100 years so you know you can count on us!

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