Battling a Minneapolis Winter with Basement Heating

Basements are notorious for being cold and damp all year round. In the summer it can be nice to go downstairs to cool off, but during a cold Minnesota winter a warm, relaxing retreat sounds much better. Follow the tips below for heating your basement this winter so you don’t have to throw on a sweater before you head down.

There are several options for heating your basement depending on your current heating system and whether or not you want to perform a renovation. If you’d like to use your existing heating unit, you’ll need to install ductwork and air ventilation that feeds off of the main source. This project should only be done by a heating expert such as the heating technicians at Uptown.

Another option is to purchase and install a gas or wood-burning fireplace. This situation is optimal if you already have a chimney in your basement, but if you don’t a ventless gas fireplace will work just as well.

Finally, if you’re planning on redoing your floors radiant heat is a wonderful option. Radiant heat can be installed underneath a stone or tile floor and will increase the overall temperature of the room. Chances are you won’t need any additional heating source if you choose radiant heat.

If you’re thinking about having a heating system installed in your basement, don’t hesitate to give the heating experts at Uptown a call! We have been servicing the Twin Cities – St. Paul area for 100 years and would be happy to speak with you to discuss your options. Don’t forget to connect with us on Google+ for plumbing, heating and cooling updates.

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