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Best Type of AC System For An Older Home

Summer is finally here, and most people are looking forward to having lots
of outdoor fun. There are also those days when we feel like spending some
quiet time indoors, but temperatures inside on a hot day can be unbearable.
Ever find yourself in this sweaty situation before? Then it’s time
you invested in an air conditioning system to cool your home.

Air Conditioning For Older Homes

Air conditioning systems can be fitted into both new and older homes. Most
households in the Twin Cities already have radiator heating systems, but
lack central air conditioning. We offer a variety of air conditioning
solutions for such homes, and one of our favorite recommendations for
older buildings is the large duct fan coil unit.

So, if you’re living in an older home and wondering if it will be
able to support an air conditioning system don’t worry!

How Large Duct Fan Coil Units Work

Ducted air conditioners cool your interior space through a series of ducts.
The AC has an indoor fan coil unit which is installed in the roof space
of your house.

The fan coil is a central location, and it is connected to several ducts
that run into each of the individual spaces you wish to cool. Since homes
with radiator heating systems do not have ducts, ductwork has to be added
to the home during the installation of this type of system.

The Benefits

  1. They are suitable for cooling the entire home – large duct fan coil units
    provide a central air conditioning system for your home. They can efficiently
    service all the rooms in your house, making the interior more comfortable
    for everyone. They are also great for maintaining even temperatures throughout
    the house.

  2. They are quiet – ducted air conditioners are more peaceful than other AC
    systems, a feature that further enhances the overall comfort.

  3. They are discreet – large duct fan coil units are an excellent choice for
    those who can’t put up with unsightly AC units in the home. Even
    though the ducts are large, they are discreetly tucked away behind ceilings
    where no one can see them.

If you’re ready to upgrade your older home with a central AC system,
our experts can help you determine if a fan coil unit is the right solution.
We always offer our honest recommendations, as well as fast, reliable
installation of large duct AC systems in Minneapolis and throughout the
surrounding areas. Call us today at (612) 324-1004.

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