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Can A Power Outage Ruin My AC System?

Just because there’s a storm rolling into town doesn’t necessarily
mean temperatures are going to drop and that means you may not automatically
turn off your air conditioner. But now you’re stuck in a pickle
because you heard that power outages can severely damage the system, so
what should you do?

Can a power outage really ruin your air conditioning system? The short
yes answer is – a sudden loss of main power can have an effect on a system
especially if you are in a situation where the power goes on and off repeatedly.

So, what can you do to prepare for a severe storm?

First and foremost… make sure you turn off your thermostat and switch your system off. This
may cause it to get a little uncomfortable in the house, but in the end,
it will be better than losing your cooling system for an extended period.

Now that the power is out… do whatever you can to stay cool. Drink plenty of cold water and be mindful
of the clothing you choose to wear. Hopefully the storm won’t last
too long and you’ll be able to turn your AC on as soon as the power
comes back.

If the air conditioner won’t turn back on… it could mean the storm has inflicted electrical damage upon the system.
Try resetting the breakers first – this will usually resolve the problem.
But if it doesn’t you may need to call in the professionals.

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