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Can Humidity Control Reduce AC Bills?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, humidity in the home might actually be controlling your life. While most homeowners in the Twin Cities rely on their cooling systems to keep their homes comfortable during the summertime, there’s one underwhelming aspect: humidity control. And excess humidity levels can actually be causing your air conditioning bills to skyrocket month after month.

Sure, most functionally sound air conditioning systems can maintain a set temperature in the home. After all, that is their job, right? Well, some systems have trouble when it comes to keeping humidity between recommended levels. The Unico System, on the other hand, works diligently to fight against the heat and eliminate moisture from the air.

What does this mean for you? Lower humidity means a comfortable home. Why? Believe it or not, the lower the humidity level the cooler a room will feel. With a Unico System, you’ll be able to set the temperature a few degrees higher than you normally would which results in more savings.

In addition to humidity control, Unico Systems aren’t as prone to air leaks in the duct system when compared to traditional cooling systems. Their dual-layered insulation and flexible ducts work together to maximize efficiency.

So, what are you waiting for? Be on your way to a more comfortable home and greater energy savings by having a Unico System installed in your home today! For more information, contact the cooling experts at Uptown.

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