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Conserving Energy in the Laundry Room This Holiday Season

The in-laws from across town decided to spend the night, the cousins are in from out of state and you’re one big happy family. But the same may not apply to your washer and dryer – having guests spend a few days could lead to more dirty clothes and in turn, additional loads of laundry. What does that mean for you? It means you might be consuming more energy than normal this holiday season which could come along with some added costs. But the good news is there are lots of tips and tricks for saving energy when it comes to doing a load of laundry so see below to find out how you can save:

  1. Stick to Cold: believe it or not, washing your clothes in warm or hot actually costs more money. Why? Well, your water heater has to run to heat the water up. A cold load typically costs around 5 cents while a warm/hot load will run you nearly 70 cents.

  2. Wait For a Full Load: you may be tempted to wash just a few pieces of clothing here and there, but that’s also going to cost you. It takes just as much electricity to run a small load as it does for a larger one, so wait until you have enough dirty laundry to fill up the washing machine.

  3. Faster is Better: if you have the option to choose a spin cycle speed on your dryer, choose a faster option. Clothes dry more quickly the faster they spin.

  4. Clean the Lint Screen: after every single load. Your clothes will dry faster and use less energy than if the screen is dirty.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and remember, you can enjoy on-time plumbing, heating and air conditioning repairs and new systems across Twin Cities – St. Paul areas with the professionals at Uptown Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.

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