DIY, Natural Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaners

According to a brand new 2016 Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey, nearly two-thirds of homeowners spend more than three hours a day in their kitchen. Time isn’t just spent eating, but watching TV, reading, and entertaining as well. With all that activity going on in one room, it’s beneficial to know how to properly clean it.

Despite the doubt from designers – stainless steel has continued to take kitchens by storm with its clean look and functionality. But, that doesn’t come without lots of TLC! Here’s a DIY, natural way to keep those pesky watermarks and fingerprints off your stainless steel appliances.

You will only need TWO ingredients for the job:

    • Vinegar

    • Oil

Additional supplies needed:

    • Paper towels or a very soft microfiber cloth


*Clean in the direction of the grain*

Normally, the term “grain” is used for wood; however, stainless steel also has a grain that will either be running horizontally or vertically.

  1. Clean the stainless steel with vinegar first, using a paper towel or a microfiber cloth – this will remove the initial debris.

  2. Use oil to make it shine! Polish your appliance with oil and your stainless steel appliances will finally begin to look as good as new!

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