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DIY Plumbing Tips: When To Throw In The Towel

Have a fussy faucet and a few free hours this weekend? While some people
are quick to call in the professionals, others can save a few bucks by
attempting a DIY repair, first. Both options are typically fine, but we
do recommend being careful if you choose to go the DIY route.

In many cases, it’s certainly worth attempting a repair yourself,
before getting on the phone and calling in an expert. Sometimes all that
is required is a wrench or pliers and a few minutes or hours of your time.
However, some projects can be a lot more in-depth and it’s good
to know when to throw in the towel and replace the entire faucet. Today,
we’re going to let you in on a few key tips and tricks for dealing
with a malfunctioning faucet along with when it’s perfectly acceptable
to give in.

Dealing With A Faucet Cap

In most repair situations, you’ll need to remove the faucet cap to
fix or replace the broken part. In an ideal situation, the cap will simply
twist free and you can begin diagnosing the situation further. However,
if it doesn’t twist free easily and the cap is metal, you can often
loosen it up with a heat gun and a pair of pliers.

If the cap is plastic and it won’t seem to budge, you’re better
off using a rotary tool and a cutting wheel to slice down the side of
the cap to remove it. Just be careful not to cut through the brass threads.

Loosening Faucet Screws

If your hex wrench doesn’t seem to be loosening the screws associated
with the faucet, you may need to turn to a tube of valve grinding compound.
Apply a dab to the hex tip in order to reduce your chances of stripping
the screws.

The Right Tool For The Job

If you’re replacing a cartridge, the replacement kit might come with
a plastic loosening tool. We recommend avoiding this tool and opting for
a cartridge puller. You can find them on Amazon or at the local home improvement
store and this tool will save you lots of time and effort.

When To Throw In The Towel

Find yourself fighting with any of the parts mentioned above, or any other
parts we haven’t quite mentioned? Faucet repairs can be tricky,
especially if you’re not familiar with the components and if you
notice that the parts of the faucet have worn out or are in really bad
shape, it’s probably best to replace the entire faucet.

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