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Don’t Put These Foods down the Garbage Disposal

Clogging your garbage disposal can really jam up your day. And with most of us complaining that there already aren’t enough hours in a day, who can afford to lose a few more? While they are great at getting rid of food scraps that can stink up your house – don’t put the following foods down there in order to avoid damaging your disposal.

Fibrous Foods

Tempted to toss strings of celery, asparagus or corn husks down the disposal? All of these items can wrap around the blades preventing the motor from working properly. If you absolutely must, make sure you only do so in very small doses and run cold water before, during and after.


Not only will pouring grease in the garbage disposal leave your kitchen smelling foul, it will leave a film on the blades reducing their effectiveness. In addition to all of that, grease can cause clogs in the drain.

Egg Shells

Have you heard the misconception that egg shells can help sharpen the blades? Well, this idea is false and the shell’s stringy membrane layers can wrap around the shredder ring. To eliminate the risk, toss them in the trash instead.

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