Don’t Wait to Insulate

You can crank up the heat, you can wrap yourself in layers and blankets, or you can add insulation. When it comes to Minnesota winters, we all know how frigid it can get and with the right type of insulation you can reduce energy bills and give your home’s heating system a much-needed rest. See below to learn about some airtight solutions for your drafty Twin Cities’ home.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are major culprits when it comes to drafts inside a home. It’s vital to replace your old, inefficient windows with energy efficient models, but beyond that you need the right insulation. Look for a can of spray foam labeled “windows & doors” and spray it in the crevices. Don’t go crazy with the application, a little foam will do!

Not enough insulation in your old home’s attic? Insulation can settle over time, but don’t worry you can add more! Purchase a bag of cellulose insulation from your local home improvement store and spread it throughout. If you still need more, you can place fiberglass insulation on top.

Holes, Cracks and Gaps
Notice a crack or hole near your windows or doors? Install a new door sweep to prevent cold air from entering your home. When it comes to your windows, be sure to lock them during the winter. This will help close and lock any gaps that may create a draft. Notice a hole that your old plumber or electrician drilled? We recommend filling them with caulk or foam.

Have additional questions about how to keep your energy bills down this season? Contact the heating experts at Uptown today and don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook!

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