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Essential A/C Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

You wouldn’t let your car go multiple years without an oil change,
right? So why would you let your home’s cooling system go years
without maintenance? After all, proper maintenance is essential for efficient
operation and a longer lifespan so here’s what you need to do now
that warmer weather is making its way into town.

Step 1: Turn off the main power source to your cooling system. There should
be an exterior shutoff box near the condenser unit outside and you can
turn the power off at the breaker inside.

Step 2: Remove the fan cage and get rid of any debris that may have fallen
into the system. We recommend using a garden hose to clean off the fan
blades and to get rid of dust and dirt that has collected.

Step 3: Make sure the area around the exterior unit is clean (you’ll
want to make sure there is at least 3 feet of open space). Then make sure
the unit is level.

Step 4: Head inside and clean or replace the air filter. Keep in mind that
most of the air you’ll be breathing in passes through this filter
so the cleaner, the better.

For the remainder of the maintenance that needs to be performed on the
interior parts of your air conditioning system, it’s best to call
in a professional. That’s where we come in!

For the best in service, advice and expert installations for your air conditioning
system in the Twin Cities – St. Paul area, call and speak with the air
conditioning professionals at Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today.

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