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Five Thanksgiving Foods That Should Never Go Down the Garbage Disposal

You’ve got enough to worry about on Thanksgiving – the last thing you need is a stopped up drain or a broken garbage disposal. As you prepare the feast this year, remember that not all foods can be processed and discarded by the disposal and repairs can be costly. See below for a list of common Thanksgiving fare that should NEVER be disposed of via the kitchen sink.

Turkey Bones

Would Thanksgiving really be Thanksgiving without a turkey? It’s the centerpiece of just about any dinner table during the holiday and while it tastes great going down into our tummies, the bones won’t taste so great to your disposal. Even if they pass through the blades, they won’t make it through the pipes.


Whipping up your famous homemade mac n cheese for a side dish? We’re sure your guests can’t wait to dig in and if there happens to be any leftover pasta, please do not throw it into the sink. Pasta swells when it comes in contact with water and it can easily cause a clog in the drain.

Potato Peels

There’s nothing like sweet potato casserole or candied sweet potatoes to light up your taste buds in between fork fulls of turkey and stuffing. It is important to note though, that potato peels don’t get along well with garbage disposals because they often create soupy mess.

Carrots & Celery

Stringy vegetables tend to wrap around the disposal blades and cause serious problems. This can result in grinding teeth which can lead to motor issues. Use the garbage can for carrots and celery instead.

Egg Shells

Whether you’re cooking up a feast for breakfast or using eggs as part of an appetizer, do not throw the shells into the disposal. The stringy membrane can wrap around the shredder and crushed up shells have the ability to clog the pipes.

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