Get to Know Uptown Man!

You might have seen him on a street corner in Twin Cities. You might have seen him at a community event. Heck, you might have even seen him show up to your house in the past. Who are we talking about? Uptown Man!

We chose to use a superhero to represent our company because when you are having a plumbing, heating or cooling issue in your home you want someone trustworthy, strong, intelligent and confident to come in and solve your problems.

There’s no plumbing, heating or air conditioning project that’s too large for Uptown Man to handle. In fact, he specializes in:

  • Heating

    • New furnace and boiler installation

    • Energy efficiency

    • Home zoning

    • New Radiators

    • Small Duct High Velocity Systems and more!

  • Plumbing

    • Pipes and leaks

    • Showers and baths

    • Toilet plumbing

    • Faucets and sinks

    • Drains

    • Water heaters and more!

  • Air Conditioning

    • New AC installations

    • Repairs

    • Thermostats

    • Air Quality

    • Humidity control and more!

If you’re a homeowner in the Twin Cities – St. Paul area and need any of the above services, don’t hesitate to give Uptown a call. Your problems are no match for Uptown Man – he’s here to save the day!

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