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Home Zoning Can Keep Your Minneapolis – St. Paul Home Comfortable

What if we told you that only cooling certain rooms of your home at a time
could save you lots of money on your energy bills? There’s not always
somebody occupying every room, so why waste energy keeping them cool?
Home zoning is a fantastic way to improve the comfort level in your home without spending
a fortune. After all, who doesn’t like a little extra cash?

How Does It Work?

By dividing your home into “zones” it allows you to take greater
control of the environment. Each zone runs on an independently controlled
thermostat that links to the central system.

This means you can keep the kitchen or living room cool when your friends
and family are hanging out, and reduce running costs in the empty bedrooms.
Then you can switch over to the thermostat in the zone where the bedrooms
are when you’re ready to get to bed.

Benefits of Zoning:

  • Only cool areas of the home that are being used, rather than waste energy
    cooling the entire house

  • Enjoy greater control and individual comfort levels. Do the kids like it
    a bit warmer than you? Turn up the thermostat in their zone.

  • Lower energy consumption leads to lower energy bills

  • Our zoning specialists will work with you to find the perfect solution
    for your Twin Cities – St. Paul home

Want to start improving the comfort levels in your home today? Call and
speak with the home zoning experts at Uptown Air Conditioning today!

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