How to Choose the Right AC System

Summer is right around the corner and you’re stuck living in a home with no air conditioning or a system that’s broken down beyond repair. What are you going to do? Sure, you could trudge through the warmer months without air conditioning, but that won’t be very comfortable. And we know how intimidating shopping for a new central air system can be so we’re going to break it down for you below:

The Basics

Unlike a single-room or portable air conditioner, a central air conditioning system distributes conditioned air throughout the house. The equipment consists of an outdoor condenser unit, an air handling unit, and a system of ductwork that carries cool air to each room of your house.

Finding the right sized system could be the most important aspect of the entire purchase. A system that’s too large or too small won’t operate efficiently and will drive up your energy bills as a result. You could also see more breakdowns and therefore the need for repairs with an improperly sized system.

Not sure what size you’re going to need? Don’t worry, Uptown is here to help. Our expert technicians will gladly come by to measure your home and perform precise calculations to ensure that you end up with the proper equipment.

SEER Rating
Air conditioning system efficiency is measured by a standard called a SEER rating. While some older systems can have a SEER rating as low as 6, more efficient models today have a rating upwards of 15 – 17. Look for the rating on the yellow Energy Guide label while shopping around.

For more information about how to choose the correct air conditioning system for your Twin Cities – St. Paul home, contact the cooling experts at Uptown today!

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