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How to Hide That Ugly AC Unit

You’ve crossed off so many items on the home improvement checklist this summer, why stop now? Your yard is looking the best it’s looked in 15 years, but there’s still one thing sticking out like a sore thumb – that clunky air conditioning unit. No need to fret, there are some simple and creative ways to hide that big piece of equipment so that your friends and family members won’t even know it’s there!

Plant Greenery

Pick out a few beautiful pots and get those hands dirty. Tall grasses, shrubs or flowers all look much better than your air conditioning unit – just be sure to choose hardy plants that won’t wilt or droop any time soon. It’s also important to remember to keep them far enough away from the unit so you don’t disrupt airflow.

Build A Cedar Fence

With this fence, you won’t need any nails! You’ll simply need a few pieces of cedar planking and some heavy-duty adhesive. You can even add plants to either side to add to the look.

Add A Privacy Screen

If you’re not the DIY type and you’d rather purchase something, set it and forget it, a privacy screen is the best option for you. Look for one made of outdoor-friendly resin and pick a color that matches well with your deck or patio.

Shabby Chic Shutters

Got old shutters in the garage or basement? Don’t throw them away, put them to good use. We recommend painting or staining them to match your flowers or outdoor fabrics.

Construct A Bamboo Screen

Love Asian decor? Take it a step further by adding it to your backyard. Gather a bunch of bamboo reeds and nail or glue them together. You can also grow your own bamboo plants, but it might take some time to fill in.

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