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How to Stay Warm Without Cranking the Heat

Winter weather can persist well through March. You may be ready for spring, but the inside of your house could feel like it’s still December. Turning up the thermostat might take some of the edge off, but you’ll also be paying more, and who wants to do that?

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Keep your bills low without sacrificing your comfort with these tips to warm up a cold home!

Check Your Dampers

Your ducts should have dampers that affect airflow; check your ductwork for dampers labeled summer or winter, and turn them accordingly. Your damper should be adjusted parallel to your duct line for the best air distribution. You’d be surprised how much a simple adjustment can make to your entire home.

Make Sure That Your Furnace Filter Isn’t Dirty

If you have a central HVAC unit, then your heating and cooling system share the same air filter. Homeowners know it’s important to check the filter during warmer months, but it’s often forgotten during the winter.

Most filters will need changes every one to three months. Swapping yours out could remedy your cold home in a matter of minutes. Make sure you turn your furnace off before you change the filter.

Don’t Block the Vents

Furniture, heavy curtains and boxes left over from the holidays can obstruct airflow in your home. Make sure that all of your vents are clear and there’s nothing hanging above them or positioned directly around them. Ideally, you should leave at least 10 to 12 square inches around your vents at all times.

Check Your Attic

A poorly insulated attic can cause your house to feel cold even when the thermostat is cranked up. Make sure that you have yours inspected and install added insulation if needed. You may find that your insulation isn’t adequate to prevent heat loss.

Don’t Waste Another Day in the Cold

At Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we prioritize our customers’ comfort. Whether you need to have your furnace inspected or have other problems with your heating system, we can help anytime. Our 24-hour emergency services ensure you’ll always have a hero when you need one. Contact us today at (612) 324-1004.

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