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Keep Your Home and Your Bank Accounts Cool This Season

It’s just about time to turn your air conditioning systems on for the season. But you know what that means, higher energy bills. If you’re like the rest of us and hate seeing your  bills in the mail, relax there’s hope!

Plant Trees

Have you realized that the warmest parts of your house are typically those that in direct sunlight? Planting leafy trees and bushes around your property can help keep your house in the shade which will keep interior temperatures down.

Turn Your Thermostat Up

It’s alright to turn your thermostat down a few degrees during the day to keep the house cool, but when the sun goes down turn it back up. You can save 5-15% on your energy bills by raising the temperature when you’re asleep or away from your home.

Circulation is Key
Keep your ceiling fans running. Even if set the lowest speed, circulating cool air from your air conditioner can help keep the entire house cool.

Hang Out Downstairs
Since your basement rarely ever sees sunlight, it’s often much cooler than the upstairs floors. Hang out down there with a cool drink, but don’t open the windows if the air outside is heavy and humid – it can cause mold and mildew.

If you are looking for a new air conditioning system for your Twin Cities – St. Paul area home, then trust the experts with over 100 year proven track record and speak to Uptown Air Conditioning. Call us today at (612) 324-1004 to learn more!

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