Make 2017 a Worry-Free Year with Our $10 Happy Home Club

With all of your resolutions set it stone, you’ve got enough to worry
about in 2017. Why stress about your home’s plumbing, heating and
cooling when you don’t have to? With Uptown’s
$10 Happy Home Club, you don’t even have to remember to call and schedule your maintenance
– it’s our responsibility to contact you to set it up! But there’s more:

By becoming a member of the club, you’ll receive:

High-Performance Tune-up of Your Heating and Cooling Systems: The safety
of you and your family is our #1 priority. We’ll ensure that your
systems are working safely and efficiently. The two tune-ups per year
will extend the life of your heating and cooling systems and decrease
the risk of emergency breakdowns. This service includes:

  • Carbon monoxide safety testing

  • Total system inspection and tune-up

  • Inspection of heat exchanger (heating unit)

  • Cleaning of outdoor coil and burners

  • System pressures checked

  • Oil and lubricate motors

Water Heater Tune-up and Whole House Plumbing Inspection: Extend the life
of your water heater and plumbing system. Help protect your home against
unexpected breakdowns and water damage. This service includes.

  • Water heater inspection, flush, and drain (extends water heater life)

  • Drain inspection for leaks and clogs

  • Faucet and toilet inspection and adjustments as needed

  • Exposed pipe inspection

And that’s not all! Priority service puts you first so you can jump
to the head of the line when you call! In addition, you’ll never
be charged a dispatch fee for repairs during normal business hours.

What are you waiting for? Give Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling a call
today and find out how you can become a member!

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