Make Sure You Do These 5 Things Before You Give Your Toddler A Bath

Bath time might be your favorite time of day, but things can quickly go south for you or your toddler if you’re not careful. No, we normally don’t consider the bathroom to be a super dangerous room of the house, but contrary to popular belief it can cause some major problems. So, in honor of National Bubble Bath Day, we’re highlighting a few important safety tips to keep in mind.

Prevent Scalding: even though you may have taken a few cold showers in your day because there was no hot water left in the entire house, you might be surprised at how hot the water can actually be when it comes out of the spout. Be sure to check the temperature with your wrist or elbow before placing your child in the water.

Avoid Slips & Falls: if you have throw rugs covering sections of the floor near the bathtub, we recommend doing away with them. Why? They’re the number one cause of slips and falls, especially when they’re not secured by double sided tape or a slip-resistant backing.

Keep It Clean: if you don’t clean the tub often, soap scum will inevitable build up which can become extremely slippery when it mixes with water.

Use The Right Soaps: not all soaps and body washes are safe for children. Search for products that are free of added perfumes or dyes which can irritate sensitive skin. We also recommend using tear-free shampoo just in case a small amount gets near their eyes.

Stay Organized: keep all medicines and toiletries on organized containers or stashed away in a cabinet or closet out of your child’s reach. Remember, kids are very curious!

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