Myths About Being Green at Home

Being eco-friendly is very important and is gaining momentum across the country. But, with increased attention comes misinformation, which can make it difficult for you to successfully do your part.

 Don’t let these common myths keep you from going green!

Renewable Power Is The Only Way To Save On Energy Bills

While it would be great if we all could have wind turbines or solar panels at our home, it can be very expensive. Before you consider renewable power as your only option in going green, try adding insulation and plug up gaps, holes, and other air leaks in your home – you can save up to 40 percent on your energy bill!

Never, Ever Use Your Fireplace

Not so fast – although fireplaces aren’t heat-efficient, you can fix that! Use a fireplace insert and reduce your heat loss up to 60 percent!

Get Rid Of Your Lawn

Yes, some lawns require way too much water and fertilizer to be healthy but, you can keep your lawn green without getting rid of it completely! Use a native and low maintenance grass, reduce the amount of lawn space, and switch to organic fertilizers.

Unplug Everything, Now!

Unless something in your home has a power adapter, indicator light, standby function, or clock – it is not burning energy when it is turned off! Your cable box on the other hand, uses half the energy of an Energy Star fridge, even when you’re not catching up on your favorite television shows! Plug the box into a power strip and switch it off when you’re not using it.

Only New Toilets Are Low Flow

If your toilet has been made within the past 15 years, you’re in the clear. After 1994, all toilets were required to limit its flush to 1.6 gallons of water, which currently is the definition of low-flow.

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