Save Energy and Green with the Nest Learning Thermostat

Ready to save on your energy bills? The
Nest Learning Thermostat is going to be your best friend. Why? Well, for starters it knows when
you are home and when you leave the house so it only kicks on when you
need heat or air conditioning. It also remembers temperatures you like
so your home is always comfortable, not to mention it helps reduce energy
consumption which leads to more money in your wallet!

The Savings

According to Nest Labs, Inc. the Learning Thermostat saved customers about
10%-12% on their heating bills and up to 15% on cooling bills. This means
it could save you anywhere from $131 to $145 per year. Who wouldn’t
want that extra cash?

How It Works

The Nest thermostat operates in a very similar fashion to other programmable
thermostats. It kicks on when the temperature of the room dips below the
set temperature in the winter months and rises above the set temperature
in the summer months. It also creates a custom schedule for your home
and turns itself down when you’re away. Pretty cool, right?

Interested in having one installed in your home? Give Hero Plumbing, Heating
& Cooling a call and our experts will be glad to discuss the benefits
with you. It’s about time you started saving on your energy bills!

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