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Should I Run A Gas Line To My BBQ Grill?

The BBQ season is here and nothing is more anticipated (for most) than
firing up the ol’ grill and slapping that fine meal on a hot metal
grate. However, when fuel for cooking has been forgotten or the store
is out of charcoal because of the season rush and the re-filled propane
tanks have all been snapped up; you’re left with hungry people mulling
around, forks in hand and napkins tucked into collars.

You’ve thought about having a permanent gas line connected to your
grill for the longest time but you’ve never done it because you believe
it’s just too complicated and costly. Now you’re scratching your
head and wondering how you could have put it off for so long. Well, here
are some of the benefits, especially for the grill master in the family:

Reliability: Having that flame pop to life every time you turn that knob.

Cost Savings: Charcoal and propane tanks have large convenience costs attached to them.

Safety: Professionally installed gas lines include industry standard safety measures
and ensure a quality gas supply. Just think about how often you need to
go out to buy another bag of charcoal, or how frequently you need to refill
your propane tank.

Peace of Mind: Eliminating the worries of open charcoal fires and propane tank limits and fees.

Ready to stop spending money on charcoal or driving around to find a propane
refill station?

Sacrificing one of life’s great pleasures, outdoor cooking, because
of the myth that permanent gas lines are too expensive and complicated
is unwise. Summer is fleeting so call on the experts at
Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today!

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