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Sportsology at the Science Museum

Have you or your children ever really thought about the science behind
sports? Think about the body movements that go into being an athlete.
Think about swinging a racket. Think about scoring a goal. There’s
lots more to it than what meets the eye. Now you have the chance to dig
beneath the surface to uncover the science of sports.

Become a part of
Sportsology at the Science Museum of Minnesota this weekend! This is where every field,
court, track and gym becomes a science lab! With admission, you’ll
have access to:

Motion Lab

Throw a football, complete a goal kick, do a cartwheel, and more. Then,
play back your video, analyze your movements, and compare them to professional athletes.

Born To Run

Race against a T. rex (spoiler alert: you won’t win!), professional
athletes, or Minnesota Twins mascot T.C. Bear (spoiler alert: best start).

Faster, Higher, Better

Practice your high jumps, then measure them against other visitors and
some of the most famous basketball players in the world.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to have your kids learn in an interesting
environment. All in all, it’s an event you won’t want to miss!

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