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The Perfect Bath for Your Dog

Are you a pet owner? If you are, you probably realize what can happen when
your dog comes back in from playing outside. Do muddy paw prints on the
carpet sound familiar? If you’re tired of Fido tracking in dirt,
sticks and other things that make your house look well, like the outdoors,
it’s time to consider a dedicated bathing area. Find out more about
how to plan a dog cleaning station, below:

Pick a Convenient Area

We recommend creating a washing station near the mudroom or the entrance
to the front or back of your house. Why? This is a great spot to clean
off your pet before they get too deep inside.

Choose a Tub

Mop sinks tend to work best. They’re deep enough to keep water inside
but are shallow enough so that your dog can easily get in and get out.
We also recommend searching for one that is scratch-resistant and will
be able to handle some wear and tear.

Shop For Fixtures

It’s a good idea to put the faucet hardware on the wall, but go with
a detachable sprayer. This will make cleaning difficult-to-reach areas
a breeze. Just remember to place them high enough on the wall so that
they’re out of the way.

Don’t Forget About Storage

You may want to add a shelf for shampoo and conditioner and another one
for towels. Both of these will come in handy!

Whether it’s a drain, fixtures or the tub you need installed for
your new doggy bath, the expert plumbers at Hero Plumbing, Heating &
Cooling have you covered! Give us a call today at (612) 324-1004 and
don’t forget to connect with us on

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