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The Safe Way to Use a Nail Gun

While it may not feel like it just yet, spring will be here before we know
it. And that means homeowners across the country will set out to complete
thousands of DIY projects around the house. Sure, doing it yourself is
a great way to save a few bucks, but when it comes to power tools and
gadgets that you may not use every day – things can go south rather quickly
if you’re not careful.

Today, we’re focusing on the nail gun. Whether you’re tackling
a project in the bathroom, putting up moulding in the kitchen or sprucing
up the backyard, the nail gun is quite the versatile tool. With that said,
roughly 14,800 incidents are reported each year revolving around nail
gun injuries by nonprofessionals. See below for some safety tips so you
can avoid becoming another statistic:

Nail Gun Safety Tips

  • Immediately after you’ve driven a nail into the target, take your
    finger off the trigger. Nail gun triggers are quite sensitive and the
    slightest touch, tap or jolt can cause the machine to fire.

  • Look for models with safety features. Nail guns with sequential-trip triggers
    only fire a nail if the nose is pressed firmly against the workpiece.

  • Keep hands and other body parts clear of where the gun is pointed. Even
    if you have your hand on the other side of a piece of wood, the nail can
    go through and hit you.

  • Avoid getting fish hooked. Sometimes, a nail can hit the target and the
    force can cause it to poke through and curl. Keep your fingers at least
    10 inches away from either side of the workpiece.

  • Need to reload the gun or clear a jam? Before doing so, it’s vital
    to disconnect the power source. This way you can do what you need to do
    without the gun firing.

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