The Severe Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Think twice before you pour that bottle of chemicals down your drain! Most
liquid drain cleaners claim to be a cheap and powerful way to get rid
of clogs, but saving a buck upfront can lead to costly problems down the
road. See below to find out why you should never rely on liquid drain cleaners:

  • They’re Toxic: ever take a look at the ingredients of a drain cleaner
    sitting on the shelf at a grocery store? Chances are it contains chemicals
    that have very high toxicity levels. The fumes are unhealthy to breathe
    in and can cause damage to your eyes and nose.

  • They Can Damage Your Pipes: in most commercial drain cleaners, the number
    one ingredient is hydrochloric acid. While it might get rid of that stubborn
    clog, it can gnaw away at your pipes and chew off the enamel of the expensive
    fixture finishes in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • They’re Bad For The Earth: think about where things wind up after
    the go down the drain and out of your home. The chemicals from commercial
    cleaners can wind up in our drinking water and in landfills.

  • Sometimes, They Don’t Even Work: the root of the problem may not
    even be in the drain pipe itself – it could be a problem with the sewer
    line or a broken pipe. In either of these cases, dumping chemicals down
    the drain won’t solve the problem.

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