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Unclog Just About Any Drain with the Right Tools

Dealing with a clogged drain can be a real headache – especially when you have a house full of guests. Even the best, most efficient plumbing systems will develop clogs at some point, it’s inevitable. But with the right tools and techniques you can tackle just about any backup.

It’s common for homeowners to deal with minor clogs in their sink drains from time to time. Food, hair and dirt are often washed down the drain with little thought and when they build up, you’ll be left with a slow drain or a clog. You can usually clear a backed up sink with a plunger by partially filling the sink with water and working the plunger up and down. For more severe clogs, you may need to remove the trap with a pipe wrench and clear the debris by hand.

Tub drains are similar to sink drains when it comes to getting clogged. What does that mean? You can probably use the same tool to solve the problem – a plunger. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to unscrew the screen from the tub drain and remove hair and soap scum either by hand or with a bent wire.

We’ve all dealt with a clogged toilet at some point during our lives. Our first step is to reach for the plunger, but what happens when that doesn’t get the job done? You’ll need to use a closet auger. Place the auger end into the bowl with the bent tip facing up and then begin cranking while pushing down on the handle.

Still can’t seem to get your drains unclogged? You may have a very serious problem if none of these tips work and it would be wise to call in a plumber. That’s where we come in! Contact the experts at Uptown Plumbing to get your drains cleared fast!

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