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What Causes Pipes to Corrode?

You may think that your pipes are fine, but the truth of the matter is that you may be blind to what’s really happening. Pipes can corrode quickly. In fact, people are often shocked to find that their pipes are breaking down rapidly just a few short years after installation.

What Causes Water Pipe Corrosion?

  • Oxygen. Oxygen degrades metal over time, which can cause rust. Rust has the potential to form blockages throughout your pipes which in turn, makes the pipes corrode further – it’s a vicious cycle.
  • PH. With copper piping, the PH must be at a certain level or it can harm the protective layer in the pipe.
  • Chemical makeup. High chemical content in water can cause pipes to break down.
  • Water temperature. If your water is too hot, it can help speed up the corrosion process.
  • Velocity. If the velocity of your water is too high, it can lead to damage to the inner wall of the pipes. This can weaken your pipes, leading to structural damage and you guessed it – corrosion.

Effects of Corroding Pipes

  • Health issues. There have been several studies that show that lead and copper buildup can lead to chronic health issues.
  • Efficiency. Corroded water pipes can hurt your hot water heater and cause it to fail.
  • Stains. Fixtures and clothes may become stained.
  • Odors. You may deal with potential odors that can stink up the house.
  • Expenses. Left untreated, the damage will increase leaving you with a bigger bill.

If your plumbing system shows any signs of corrosion, you will want to get a plumber in to inspect the damage quickly. Not calling a plumber out can lead to more damage and ultimately, a drained bank account.

A visit from a plumber can help to ease your mind and make sure that all of your plumbing is running as it should be. Call Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today at (612) 324-1004!

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