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What is the Difference Between Soap Scum and Mold?

If you have a bathroom you probably have soap scum and/or mold. The warm,
moist air inside the small room is the perfect environment for mold to form and showering or bathing always leaves a bit of grime behind.

Regardless of how diligently you clean the bathroom, soap scum is left
behind after washing and mold can appear without notice. There are differences
between soap scum and mold, and they should be dealt with in different
ways. See below to find out why and how they’re different as we’re
taking some time to fill you in!

What is Soap Scum?

This is the grayish-white film left behind in the sink, shower or bathtub
after washing or bathing.

Soap scum also adheres to shower doors, shower curtains, water faucets and tile.

It is created when soap and dirt are combined with tap water. The result
is a thin layer of scaliness that sticks to just about any surface it touches.

Soap Scum Removal and Prevention

Soap scum is best removed by cleaning with a product formulated to clean
bathroom and remove soap scum. Frequent cleanings will prevent the grayish-white
scale from building up and becoming an unsightly eyesore on bathroom fixtures.

What is Bathroom Mold?

Mold is a living thing and must eat to survive. Soap scum, hair and body
oil are the three favorite foods of mold. If you stop the food source,
chances are, you will kill the mold.

Mold is black and slimy and loves to hang out in a warm, moist, dark shower
stalls or tubs feasting on what is left behind after a person takes a shower.

Bathroom Mold Removal and Prevention

Mold can be removed with a bathroom cleaner that is specially formulated
to remove mold and mildew. Liquid bleach will also kill and remove mold,
but can be harmful to the respiratory system if you’re not careful.
Always wear a mask and gloves when dealing with mold.

To prevent mold from growing, keep the humidity level in the bathroom as
low as possible. Create good air circulation with an exhaust fan and/or
open window and clean the shower and tub frequently.

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