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What to Do in the Twin Cities This Weekend

With the weather warming up in the Twin Cities and no holidays to celebrate,
this is the perfect weekend to get out and explore with your family! You
might be thrill seekers and want to head to an amusement park, or go for
a hike to take advantage of the weather. Maybe you have some young animal
lovers to look after and the zoo is just calling your name. No matter
what adventure you seek, Twin Cities can provide you with a great time.
Here are some family-friendly places to check out this weekend:

Saturday & Sunday Forecast

One thing is for sure, you can’t make weather your excuse to stay
in this weekend! Saturday looks like it is going to be in the high 60’s
and sunny with a lot of the same coming Sunday. We don’t want to
jinx it, but you might not even see a cloud in the sky!

Como Zoo

Free Entry!

The Como area is a great place to take your family this weekend! The kids
can play with smaller animals, see their favorites in the exhibits and
explore beautiful gardens that are on the grounds. There are also parks
to have picnics and play soccer or whatever games your little one’s desire.

Como Town

Season Pass: $69.95

Unlimited Rides: $21.95

2 Points per Ride: $1

Como Town is located on the same grounds as the Zoo, so it is a great spot
to spend an entire day. Maybe check out the animals in the morning and
head to the amusement park in the afternoon for some great fun! This isn’t
going to please a roller coaster tycoon, but it is perfect for children
ages 2-12. There are more than 18 different rides and attractions and
a Zip-Line that zips around the entire facility– it’s worth checking out!

Chain of Lakes

Park Hours: 6am- Midnight

The beautiful shorelines of Brownie, Cedar, Calhoun and Harriet lakes make
for the perfect park to take your family and enjoy the weather. There
are multiple athletic fields and boat rental facilities to help you get
on the lake and catch some rays. Bring your own food and beverages and
come spend the day at one of Twin Cities’s premiere attractions.

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