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What’s Lurking in Your Tap Water?

Notice a funky smell coming from your tap water? Notice that it tastes funny when you go to take a sip? Notice that the water coming from your plumbing fixtures isn’t as clean and clear as it should be? There are lots of things that could be lurking in your H2O and in honor of National Water Safety Month, we’re hoping to educate you!

Aside from the hard water we have here in the Twin Cities – which usually consists of some minerals that don’t pose many serious threats – there could be things in there that are making you sick. You may want to have your water tested for the following:

  1. Chlorine: while it’s most commonly used to disinfect pool water, too much of it your drinking water can cause birth defects and has been associated with breast cancer and cancers of the urinary bladder.

  2. Fluoride: it’s mostly associated with promoting dental health, but it has been known to reduce IQ in children and can trigger the growth of tumors.

  3. Lead: this stuff can be tricky because it’s difficult to detect. Once dissolved in water, it does not cause a change in color and doesn’t have any distinct smell or taste. It is however, extremely toxic and cause severe health problems.

  4. Arsenic: this chemical is a natural byproduct of certain types of rocks. The runoff can contaminate ground water which ultimately ends up coming through your tap. Arsenic can cause a variety of skin problems and has been linked to organ failure.

At Uptown, we offer a wide range of water softening, conditioning and quality improving features to help you enjoy the purest, cleanest water in your Twin Cities – St. Paul home. Give us a call today at (612) 324-1004 to find out how we can help!

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