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Why Does My Shower Drain Make So Much Noise?

What’s Causing Gurgling Drains?

Had just about enough of that annoying gurgling sound coming from the drain? Showers are supposed to be relaxing, especially after a long day so the last thing you want to deal with is unpleasant noises coming from the drain. So, what’s causing the disturbance? It has something to do with your plumbing venting system as well as the actual construction of the drain. Find out more below!

What is a Plumbing Venting System?

Think of it like taking a large soda, water or milk bottle, taking the cap off and turning it upside down. Sure, the liquid will come out, but it won’t come out as freely as it would if you were to poke a small hole in the other side.

The same holds true for your plumbing system. As water flows through a drain, it’s displaced by air which helps it move through your pipes. If air wasn’t able to escape from your pipes when water traveled through without interrupting the flow of the water, you would hear those loud gurgling noises.

Plumbing vent systems allow for exactly that to happen. They allow air to displace water through a completely separate pipe where the air can escape via the roof and if there is any sort of significant blockage in the drain, this whole process can become compromised.

Nonexistent or Malfunctioning P-Trap

Gurgling noises can also be caused by shower drains that don’t have a p-trap or drains where the p-trap is damaged or broken.

What is a p-trap? This is a piece of plumbing equipment designed to prevent methane sewer gases from entering up through the drain into the living spaces of your home. It also works to prevent air from escaping the plumbing system through the drain, rather than utilizing the venting system as mentioned above.

In other words, a properly functioning p-trap holds water — roughly 4-6 inches at a time to prevent gases from entering into your home. The standing water in the p-trap also helps eliminate those gurgling sounds. So if you notice your drain gurgling, it’s time to check the p-trap to make sure it isn’t damaged.

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