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Why Is My Radiator Leaking?

It’s never a good thing when you come home to wet carpet or a pool of water on the floor. Alright, maybe it’s not the worst thing in the world if your pet spilled their water bowl or your kids dropped a cup on the floor – but when you notice the wet floor underneath a piece of equipment, like a radiator for example, it’s definitely not something to take lightly. See below to find out why your radiator might be leaking and a few fast fixes to try until the plumber arrives:


This is a very common place for a radiator to spring a leak and it usually happens when the spindle packing in the valve begins to wear out or gets damaged. Try closing the valve fully to see if it still leaks – more often than not, leaks will only occur here if the valve is in the “open” position.


Completely dry the radiator near and around the spindle. If you notice it’s wet again within a few seconds, this is likely where the leak is originating. Tighten the gland nut and see if the leak subsides. If not, you may need to loosen the nut and apply some leak-proof tape before tightening it back up.


If you find the leak isn’t coming from either of the previously mentioned areas, your radiator could be losing water as a result of corrosion. As time passes, minerals in the water can wear down the pipes and sludge can build up simultaneously. The result? A pinhole leak that could mean it’s time for a new radiator.

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