Why You Should Consider Writing On Your Washing Machine

Ever throw a load of laundry in the washing machine, only to come back
a short time later to find your clothes in the dryer? In some cases, this
could be the result of a family member doing a kind gesture, or one that
can’t wait any longer to do a load of their own laundry. In either
case, it can become a deed gone bad if you had clothes in that load that
were not intended to be dried in the dryer.

The Marker Trick

If you’ve ever ignored the care on instructions on your garments,
you may not be a stranger to a wool sweater that shrunk down multiple
sizes because you tossed it into the dryer on high heat.

The same idea holds true for lots of other delicate clothing items that
were intended to be air dried. So, what can you do to prevent your clothes
from being ruined in the dryer? If you’ve got a marker on hand,
you’re in luck!

The next time you throw a load of laundry into the washing machine, use
a dry erase marker to list out any items that should not be placed into
the dryer, on the lid. This way, if anyone decides to transfer the load,
they’ll know right away which items they should leave out.

Worried that the marker might ruin your washing machine? Don’t be.
The finish on most washing machines are extremely similar to the finish
on whiteboards you might find in a classroom or meeting room.

With that said, all you’ll need to clean the marker off is a dry
paper towel. Just be sure the marker is in fact a dry erase marker, and
that a family member didn’t mistakenly swap it out with something
that is permanent or difficult to erase.

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