Why You Should Leave Plumbing to the Pros

Ready to take on that plumbing project that you’ve been off for some time now? You may want to think twice before getting down and dirty – there are some sneaky dangers that you may not be aware of. See below to find out why you should leave plumbing to the pros.

CAUTION: Hazardous Chemicals

Although most products that contain chemicals are labeled, some go unseen. From sealants and solder fluxes to drain cleaners and calcium removers there’s a great chance you will come in contact with a harmful substance. Professional plumbers are often aware of what they are dealing with and come prepared with proper gloves and protective glasses.

Playing With Fire
When it comes to working with copper pipes, plumbers almost always need to use a blow torch for modifications. If you never used one before, we strongly recommend staying away. Intense heat and powerful flames can leave you in a world of trouble if you’re not careful.

Tight Quarters
Ready to squeeze into that tight space underneath your sink or in your crawl space? Many plumbing projects arise in places that aren’t easily accessible and trying to wiggle your way into or out of them can be dangerous.

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