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Why You Should Never Wash Your Dog in the Tub

Professionals recommend bathing your dog one to two times a month. What they forget to tell you though, is not to bathe your furry friend in the bathtub. See below to find out why:

What You Don’t Think About

If you’ve given your dog a good belly rub lately, or scratched it right behind the ears, you’ll be quick to notice the large amount of hair that comes off.

It’s easy to say that your dog doesn’t shed or it sheds a minimal amount, but all pets shed more than you would expect them to.

Often, when the dog hair is wet and the suds are being washed around, more hair comes off than you are aware.

A Hairy Situation

The amount of hair that comes off the dog can be quite alarming, but to make matters worse, when the hair goes down the drain it can become a real problem for your pipes. Many people don’t ever put their dog’s bath and pipe problems together, but it’s a common mishap.

The Quick-Fix…isn’t a Fix-All

A seemingly quick fix would be to purchase a chemical from the store that promises to solve all drain problems, but don’t fall victim to this trap! The harsh chemicals from these products can destroy your pipes and make matters worse.

The Solution

The best solution is to clean your dog outside or take him or her to a groomer for a spa-like experience.

Too late? Drains already backed up? Call a professional plumber. We’ll help to quickly fix the clogs and salvage your pipes without causing any damage, saving you a lot of hassle and making your life easier.

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