Winterizing Your Plumbing

When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your home? We don’t just mean glancing at the large structure as a whole every time you pull into the driveway, we mean really taking a deep look at the little things – like checking the exterior for small holes or gaps that could be allowing cold winter air to enter your home. Failing to look for things like this and neglecting your home, especially during the wintertime, can come with severe costs.

With the frigid winters we have here in Twin Cities – St. Paul it’s vital to keep your home’s plumbing system in mind. Just think about what freezing temperatures and cold air can do to your pipes. You guessed it, stagnant water can freeze and cause your pipes to malfunction, spring a leak or completely burst. Where will that leave you? With a major headache.

One of the most important maintenance steps you can take, aside from properly insulating your pipes, is to check around the exterior of your home for gaps and cracks. If you notice any, be sure to fill them with spray foam insulation or caulk to stop the cold air from penetrating.

Another facet to winterizing your home includes sealing off crawl spaces. Cover vents with cardboard and look for cracked basement windows. Additionally, look for worn or missing insulation around windows and doors so cold air has virtually no way in.

Having issues with your pipes this season? When you give Uptown a call, you’ll enjoy on-time plumbing and heating repairs and installations from a teach of experienced technicians. Don’t let that problem string out any longer, call us today!

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