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4 Decisive Benefits of Ductless A/C

So, you live in a gorgeous older home in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area
and you’re in love with charm and character that comes along with
your house. The only problem is, summer is around the corner and most
older homes simply cannot support a traditional ductwork-based HVAC system.
What are you doing to do once the weather starts to heat up again? The
answer is actually quite simple – a
ductless air conditioning system.

Why Choose Ductless A/C?

For starters, a ductless system is just that – there are no bulky ducts
getting in the way. This type of system requires placing one unit in each
room or are of the house you’d like to be able to climate control
and these units are usually mounted on the wall.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you can have this type of system installed in areas where
traditional air conditioning systems simply wouldn’t fit. It also
means the installation process is much simpler and much less invasive.

4 Benefits of Ductless A/C

  1. Individualized Control: giving you the ability to control each room or
    area of your home. The units operate independently so that you can create
    the perfect climate just about anywhere in the house.

  2. No Eyesores: hate the look of bulky traditional cooling systems? You’re
    in luck. The compact nature of ductless systems keeps things looking sleep
    and modern.

  3. Low Overhead Costs: quick and easy installations paired with lower overhead
    costs means a ductless system is much more affordable than traditional
    systems. So go ahead, spend the money on those shoes or that set of golf
    clubs you’ve been looking at!

  4. Energy Efficiency: since you have the ability to control each “zone”
    of your house, it means you’ll be cooling your home more efficiently.
    The end result here is lower energy costs and more money in your pocket.

To learn more about the benefits or the requirements of a ductless air
conditioning system, give the A/C experts at
a call today! (612) 324-1004.

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